Friday, December 15, 2006


ah another blog! who would have guessed that i'd have two? not i.

anyway, this blog has come into existance because i have been chosen to be one of a select group of people that al gore is going to train to give the presentation that is featured in an inconvenient truth. i'm beyond excited, and because i like to write, i thought...why not document my experience of going through the training and even to give presentations?

to back track...back in august, i applied to the climate project for one of three sessions they were conducting in the us. why? well, i saw an inconvenient truth in the summer, and it really, for lack of a better cliche, struck a chord. i had been thinking about how my generation is a little lost (i was born in '76). generations before have all had something to stand for, to fight for or against.

what was to be our legacy?

when i saw an inconvenient truth, i felt i found the answer. our legacy is to save the world. literally.

laugh, call me crazy, idealistic, a dirty liberal, a tree hugger, i really don't care. something must be done, and it must be done now. and i believe that we can do it. we are creative, we are mobile. we are vocal and influential. we've been looking for a purpose, something to strive for, something beyond money and fame, something that matters.

this is it, my friends. saving the world.

i'm not saying that there aren't a multitude of other issues that need to be addressed and changed. we know there are. but if we destroy the very place we call home, what does anything else matter?

and so, when i heard that mr. gore was going to be training a fleet of people to spread the word about global warming and how we can stop it - and, we CAN - i started looking into how i could be one of those people.

in my last job i was lucky enough to work with wwf (world wildlife fund), and one of my contacts there told me there was a call for applications, and way back in august, i applied. after months of no news, i thought i hadn't been chosen. and then just yesterday, i got a call from tennessee...and now, i'll be heading there in january for training.

after i'm trained, it will be my responsibility to give 10 presentations over the course of the next year. i'm nervous and excited and proud and esctactic.

come along with me for the ride, i'm happy to have you.


Blogger Tony said...

Which training session are you going to? I'll be in Nashville Jan 4-6!

December 19, 2006 at 5:05 AM  
Blogger roxie said...

that's the one!

December 19, 2006 at 6:55 AM  

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