Saturday, January 6, 2007

day 2, part 2: i got the question blues

where did i leave off? oh, yeah, during quest-fest 2007.

while this was going on, the non-question askers and comment-givers were expressing their frustration in various non-verbal ways: shifting in our seats uncomfortably, thinking about if we could throw m&ms at the back of peoples heads, sighing heavily, and the eye-rolling could have challenged that of your most expert teenager. during a particularly irrelevant comment, i leaned over to the woman next to me and whispered "maybe i should raise my hand and ask the question 'can we cease and desist on the questions?"

finally after our coffee break, one of the sr. mentors was taking questions, and luckily for us all - my row-mate took action, and proposed no more questions! hurrah! the rest of us clapped and the mentor put it to a vote. there was an overwhelming yes victory.

from there it was pretty much smooth sailing until towards the end when the last portion - which unfortunately contained a lot of difficult transitions & science - was somewhat rushed. i couldn't help but feel bitter then, but there was nothing to be done about it then. even with the rushing, we finished late and then we were off to b.b.kings for dinner and some music.

there was some pretty good bbq, and mr. gore introduced three very talented and entertaining singer-songwriters. names are escaping me at the moment (all that science must have pushed some other info out of my brain), but i really enjoyed them. even the little sing-along parts.

then it was a stroll back to the hotel, and blogged and tried, unsuccessfully, to do some work to help out with the eco launch and just ended up blogging and passing out. it was an exhausting and inspiring day.



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